"Honestly, who were you expecting to find ...

... here at the center of all things?"


Collector, traveler, storyteller
Aetheric anomaly

Basic Information

Name: Gaius N'vaal
Apparent Age: 29
Height: 6'3"
Build: Athletic
Sexuality: Pansexual
Birthplace: Thavnair
Family: Unknown
Current Residence(s): Travels frequently between Ul'dah and Kugane
Languages: Fluent in Eorzean, Dalmascan, Thavnairian, Hingan, Eorzean
Sign Language
Proficient in Mhachi, Amdapori, Padjalli, and Nymean glyphsServer: Balmung (Crystal)


A Network of Favors - You may have heard whispers in back alleys and ballrooms alike of an individual who always delivers if you know where to look. From delving the deep and dangerous dark of ancient tombs in search of lost artifacts, to utilizing his reputable diplomatic experiences – there is little that Gaius won’t offer in exchange for seemingly less; all he ever asks for is a favor. For some, as is the case for most of the relics in his collection - it’s the return of items given should they pass from the world before him. For others, it’s simple introductions. Be it from princes or paupers, he always collects what is owed eventually.A Cursed Existence - For as long the spark of magic has lit the world alight with its vibrancy and power, so too have there been curses – clinging to the shadows cast behind every rock and tree, always just out of view but never far. Of all the items in his collection, it’s the ones bearing the strongest curses that catch his interest most of all. Whether you have knowledge of a cursed relic, or you yourself bear a cursed mark, like a moth to a flame - it’s certain that this Seeker will come to call before long.The Rumor Mill - Folklore, and the rumors that gave shape to the fables of old, are of particular interest to Gaius. Never one to discredit the power of the spoken word, he’s just as likely to use them as a guise himself as he is to seek out the truth behind them. And there is always some mote of truth to them – one just needs to be willing to dig.Trade - Although one might assume he could build his fortunes entirely on the backs of debts collected and favors owed, there’s a certain simple pleasure in enterprise; providing the coveted to the covetous. From spices and silks, to gems and jewels, Gaius will utilize a network crafted over a lifetime and more to provide worldly treasures to the most discerning of buyers. Coin often has a curious way of acting in diplomacy’s stead.The Spice of Life - At the core of his being, the very fire of his existence, he craves seeking out new experiences; to indulge in earthly and otherworldly delights, to satisfy and feel satisfied for it, and passion for passion’s sake. Be it from listening to stories told for hours on end or telling a tale or two of his own, it’s rarely ever about the destination so much as it is the journey itself. The best stories, after all, are those yet to be told.


I'm always happy to chat in-game, but the easiest way to get ahold of me otherwise would be through Discord at Spectre#8859 - my DM's are always open.You can also find Gaius working monthly at the Bel Canto Winery's Ledgermain Lounge.If you'd like to set something up for RP or want to talk about an idea you had, don't hesitate to reach out!

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